Hi, my name is Steven Barton, I go by the alias CrescentDebris. I'm an artist of sorts and this is a collection of some of my work. Thanks for visiting!

First Illustrated Book NOW AVAILABLE

I had the fortune of working with Western Author Juliette Douglas on her first Children's Book called "We Are Awesome Possums!". This is my first venture into doing books so I'm really pleased to see how well the book turned out! She gave me the story and noted all of the places where she wanted an illustration. The book itself, while cute, is a bit of an educational book that goes over some interesting facts about these little creatures told from the perspective of two possum brothers, Jake and Jasper. These were the names of possums that the author herself took into her own care to nurse back to health.

The story itself spans 29 pages with 15 illustrations. There are some pages containing Thanks, Cautionary Information about possums, Copyright info etc. The book's dimensions are 8.5 x 8.5 and comes in paperback format. The cover is vibrant and has a nice glossy finish to it. The book can currently be Purchased on Amazon. There is also a Kindle version available. If you know me personally, contact me for your FRIEND/FAMILY discount! Thank you for checking out our book!

Digital Paintings from Reference

Painted in GIMP (a Free and Open Source program that really helped a Starving Artist!). No traces, no grids, no color samples, etc. Just a tablet, a round brush, and some spare time.

Shirt Designs

This is a portion of my shirt designs. A number of them were printed at shirt.woot.com , goodjoe.com, and threadless.com over the years. Most (if not all) had a limit of 6 ink colors and only a select few shirt colors to choose from. Typically these were for design contests which had to be completed in a night (possibly two) and had a theme such as "Pirates", "Rainy Day", "National Parks" etc.

Fan Art

These are some original images I've done of characters from various video games. As the Catergory suggests, these are for fun, not for profit. A few were done for Official contests by the license holders.


Shirt Design Collaborations with Drakxxx (Joel Rose)

This is a portion of the shirt designs created by Joel Rose (aka Drakxxx) and myself. Some ideas were his, some were mine, some were combined efforts. He drew them and I always colored them. Sometimes I made minor tweaks to the linework, other times I'd either redraw something or sent back an idea and he redrew that section. Each was a slightly different story, but that was the typical process. As mentioned in the previous "Shirt Designs" category, most (if not all) designs had a limit of 6 ink colors and only a select few shirt colors to choose from. This was even more challenging than my own solo designs because all of these designs would have BLACK LINES. So that really only left me with 5 colors to work with. That's where using the shirt color itself in the design really became a necessity. I've included a link in the description of each image that shows a bit of the progress each one went through as well as links to the Purchase Page if one exists.